How to Find Landscapes that Inspire

Anyone who has ever lost the afternoon to a gardening pinboard has probably felt landscaper’s envy. Sure, that organic garden sculpture looks beautiful beside the sprawling back porch, but how did they do it? How did they ever think it up in the first place? Channel...

Planted, Then Served

Here in the South, we don’t just make it from scratch, we grow it from scratch. We plant everything from Heirloom roses for home decor to crisp tomatoes for afternoon cocktails. Whether you’re cooking up an adult beverage or the kid-friendly kind, a cocktail garden...

Don’t Get Stumped By Garden Stumps

We all have elements in our gardens that stump us at every turn: areas that just won’t drain properly, spots where flowers won’t flourish, and flowerbeds that wild animals refuse to leave alone. But one of the most common (and commonly ignored) garden problem areas...

3 Helpful Blogs for Late Summer Landscaping

Creating and cultivating an elegant, distinctive Georgia landscape takes a lot of care. You have to consider which plants to pick from the nursery, how to best combine colors and dimensions, and how to keep plants healthy despite summer pests like insects or mildew....

Beetles, Mildew, and Black Spot, Ick!

A gardener's work is never done! Just when you think you've plucked the weeds from your beds, scoured for harmful insects and watered well, there are stubborn insects and diseases that just can't play nice. Autumn Hill Nursery shares some of the most common insects...

Backyard Birding for Beginners

If you've never been interested in backyard birding, the summer is a great time to take a peek up into the sky and listen for some of Woodstock's most common feathered friends. Summer is mating and nesting season for many backyard favorites, and with just a few simple...

It’s Time to Start Your Fall Veggies!

You may think it's too hot to start planning your fall veggie gardens, but over the next few weeks, it's a good idea to go ahead and start planning what what you want now, especially before the hustle-and-bustle of the school year starts. As long as your seeds...

Maintaining Your Baskets and Containers During the Summer

Making sure your hanging baskets and flowering containers have enough water during the Georgia heat is one of the more difficult tasks in making sure they stay beautiful through the warmer months, especially when you're on vacation and can't get outside to water them....

Creating a Landscape Design with Flair and Personality

One of the many goals of residential landscaping is to compliment your home. Homeowners can accomplish this in many ways or usually a combination of ways, including: Accent the architecture of your home Frame your home while softening the corners Make a narrow house...

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