Prepping for Freezing Temps

Next week, the temperatures here in Woodstock and Canton, Georgia will hit record lows for this time of year. With wind chills in the negatives, we're pretty sure that you're not going to want to be out gardening. Autumn Hill Nursery has a few tips for you on how to...

What to Do with Your Old Christmas Tree

After this week you'll be busily taking down your Christmas decorations. With all the preparations and excitement building up to Christmas day,we know taking down your tree and throwing it out can be a bit sad. This year, recycle your Christmas tree into something...

Winterizing Your Ponds

Winterizing Your Ponds

It's December and the cold temperatures are about to set in. Our fish will need just as much help as you will to stay happy during the cold winter. To make sure that no one gets frost bite this winter, Autumn Hill Nursery has pulled together some tips for winterizing...

Wreaths Across America

"To be killed in war is not the worst that can happen. To be lost is not the worst that can happen... to be forgotten is the worst." -Pierre Claeyssens (1909-2003) Established in 1992, Wreaths Across America aims to remember our lost veterans, honor their memory and...

Create Christmas Wonder

Christmas time is magical. It doesn't matter how young or old you are, there is just something in the air around the holidays that gives you just a little bit more joy, a little bit more appreciation for your family and friends. It's walking through your home...

Finding the Fairies

There have long been told tales of tiny, mythical creatures that frolic and play in the woods and gardens by night, and disappear come the first tinge of sunrise across the sky. Some people believe that these "little people" control the elements, and can freely dish...

Time to Transplant

Is that cute little holly you planted next to the front door a few years back now threatening to take your arm as you pass by? Now, and during the next few months, will be the best time to transplant trees and shrubs from one part of your yard to another....

Everlasting Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is here. Once October hits, everything is a whirlwind of holiday after holiday. Right how you're probably trying to figure out family plans for Thanksgiving amidst the usual hustle and bustle of family life and trying to make your Christmas shopping...

Warming Up Your Patio

We are lucky here in Woodstock, Georgia when it comes to the weather. We have Summers that are not always unbearably hot, beautiful mild Spring and Fall weather, and a Winter that has the potential to freeze your socks off, but is usually comfortable as well for the...

Potting Mix Produces

Autumn Hill Nursery has a recommended product for almost any type of gardening question you have. When people ask us about which type of potting mix is best for their plants, the easy answer is Farfard Complete Container Mix. There are many great container mixes out...

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