Fresh holiday greenery can transform your home for the holidays. It makes the entryway festive, the mantlepiece elegant, and the living room bright for the Christmas season. Autumn Hill Nursery keeps our living holiday decor fresh and watered, extending its life in your home. Keep Christmas greenery fresh until New Year’s with these tips from your Woodstock nursery.

5 Tips for Keeping Holiday Greenery Fresh

  1. christmas decor - mistletoeBuy from a trusted garden center.

  2. Don’t buy live greenery before you plan to use it.

  3. Spray wreaths, Christmas swag, and your Fraser Fir tree with water every other morning.

  4. Use LED Christmas lights to limit heat exposure.

  5. Don’t place holiday greenery in direct sunlight, near heat vents, or by an open flame.

Advice from Your Nursery

Worried about a split trunk? Don’t be! According Autumn Hill’s own Eric Hill:

A split in a tree’s trunk does not hinder the tree’s ability to take up water, and will not affect needle retention of color during the season. Trunks can split on a tree at any time during the harvest or afterwards.  Since it is based on the amount of moisture in the tree at the time of harvest, the frequency of trunk splitting can vary year to year, and has nothing to do with a tree’s freshness.

A split trunk should not affect a tree placed in a traditional 3-4 screw stand. If your stand has a single spike to hold up the tree, talk to one of our landscaping experts about how to avoid a split trunk.

Looking for an extra pop of holiday color? Stop by Autumn Hill Nursery for living wreaths, holiday swag, and hand-picked Fraser Fir value trees.

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