Are You Happy With the Landscaping in Front of Your House?

Are you happy with the landscaping in front of your house looks?  Many of us are living with foundation landscaping that is either outdated and overgrown, or the boring plants the builder installed. This spring is a perfect time to transform your foundation...

Tips for Growing David Austin Roses in Georgia

Tips for Growing David Austin Roses in Georgia Known for their elegant beauty, unique colors, and  fragrant blooms, David Austin English Roses have captured the hearts of gardeners for over 60 years. While David Austin roses flourish in Georgia, like most roses,...

Why Tree are necessary to maintain a bird friendly habitat

Trees provide birds with nesting sites, cover from inclement weather, food, and protection from preying animals. Different species of birds often prefer different types of trees to nest. Many birds like to build their nest 10-20 feet off the ground where they are...

You Might be a Gardener if…

This is a fraction of the nearly 100 responses we received. Enjoy. You might be a gardener if... After working in the yard all day you blow dirt out of your nose. Belinda H You get excited that your spouse hangs out with a hoe!  Beth H think you know what...

Marjukka’s Top Picks for Roses

If you are considering roses this year, and just can't decide, here are some of Marjukka's favorites Bolero-Compact growth so perfect for containers. Wonderfully strong fruity fragrance       Honey Dijon-Good sized blooms with unusual color and strong...

Tips for Successful Gardening

Choose the right plants for your cultural and physical conditions. Make sure the plants you choose will thrive in the allotted amount of sunlight and moisture. Choose plants that will mature near the height and width you want to help avoid unnecessary pruning down the...

Plants damaged by the deep freeze? What should we do?

The near record-breaking single digit weather we had about ten days ago was brutal. We are now starting to see signs of plant damage like this gardenia in our front yard.We are getting calls as some of us are concerned and not sure what to do. The best thing to...

The Allure of David Austin Roses

In the early 1950’s David Austin began experimenting with breeding roses in an attempt to grow a more beautiful rose. Little did he know this was to become his life’s work, and that he would become a most renowned rose breeder. Interestingly, When David introduced his...

Different Types of Hydrangeas

        Hydrangea Varieties       Hydrangea Type Description Cultural Conditions Bloom Time Fertiizing      and         Pruning Companion Plants...

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