Sun? Part shade? What do these terms mean?

Strolling through a garden center we are eventually going to be drawn to a particular plant. Reading the plant tag, we are already imagining where it will look good in our yard, and then we come to the dreaded sun/part shade… line. Confusion sets in quicker than the...

A Beginner’s Guide to Edible Gardening

Your family can indulge in fresh, flavorful vegetables, herbs, and fruit without trekking to the farmer’s market. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of planting an edible garden. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1. Make a Plan If this is your first attempt at edible gardening,...

Mind Your Colors

We all want color in our landscape, preferably year-round color from flowering shrubs, and colorful foliage.  Planning our landscape, and trying to decide which plants to use isn’t always easy or straightforward. Maybe we see a plant in a neighbor’s yard we like, or...

How to Plant a Butterfly Garden

Do you love watching butterflies flit from plant to plant like flower petals that have taken wing? Butterflies enhance the landscape, adding beauty and vitality to spring and summer gardens. But simply attracting butterflies isn’t enough. Plant a butterfly garden that...

Celebrating 25 Years with Autumn Hill Nursery

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since Eric and Kari put their passion for gardening into a risky venture: creating a community-driven garden center right here in Woodstock. They’ve spent the last 25 years digging in the dirt, giving educational gardening...

Finding Balance in Your Landscape

When I meet clients for a landscape design, they often show me photos of overflowing cottage gardens, lush landscapes or huge stone patios complete with a fireplace and a backdrop of terraced walls.   What we are falling in love with is a snapshot of a beautiful...

Get Excited about These April Workshops

Spring has officially arrived, and we’re more excited than ever about our upcoming gardening workshops. What fun tutorials, education, and landscape design days can you look forward to in April? April Workshops at Autumn Hill Sat, April 8 at 11am – Welcome Spring Mini...

It All Begins on March 18th

Who’s ready to learn? Gardening workshops at Autumn Hill Nursery are fun way for local gardeners to hear from folks who have mastered the art of getting their hands dirty. Topics cover the gamut, from organic gardening to landscape maintenance to designing a...

It’s Time for Spring Fest!

There’s nothing we love more than gathering our friends and neighbors to talk about gardening . . . except maybe throwing a Woodstock garden party with a very special guest. Want to learn more? Get ready for Autumn Hill Nursery Spring Fest 2017! Pollinators at 9am...

Landscaping does not last forever

You have heard me say before that you should not view your landscape as permanent. Cultural conditions can change as surrounding trees grow; shrubs start to decline after years of pruning and weather-related stress. Styles change too; and your landscaping can date...

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