A Welcoming Focal Point at Your Front door

For various reasons many of us don't get as excited about planting our front annual beds each year.  Problem is this can leave our landscape lacking in color or interest.     Patio trees make a wonderful focal point, and with some imagination can...

5 Tips to Reduce Our Gardening Chores

1. Proper pruning leads to less pruning. Shearing your plants actually promotes an abundance of new growth. Prune judiciously removing entire branches from within the plant, or cutting branches back to where another branch originates. This type of pruning will not...

David Austin passes leaving an incredible legacy

"Every day I marvel at my good fortune to have been able to make a life out of breeding roses. My greatest satisfaction is to see the pleasure my roses give to gardeners and rose lovers worldwide." Even as a child growing up on a farm in England, David Austin had a...

Gardening success starts with this easy test

Why should we have our soil tested? To know if our soil has nutrient deficiencies To know if the ph level is within range. If it’s not then can’t take up nutrients Help diagnose plant or lawn problems, Need a complete picture as possible when determining what is going...

Winter Landscapes Need Not be Boring

When we think about our landscaping or garden our minds seem to follow the seasons starting with the excitement of spring.  Often by the time late fall, and winter rolls around we think, okay, now we just have to wait until spring again, and give our landscape a...

Do’s and Don’ts When Planting a Tree

Do’s Planting a tree Do dig the hole the same depth as the rootball Do dig the hole at least twice as wide as the root ball Do use your native soil when backfilling but you can allow as much as 25% be a soil amendment Do loosen the roots from the sides and bottom (if...

Tips for starting and maintaining a vegetable garden

You just can't beat the taste of fresh vegetables and greens from your own garden. Add in the fact that you know exactly what you are feeding your family and where it came from, and that no pesticides or herbicides have been applied, and you'll be smiling throughout...

Imagine this inviting you into your garden or back yard

Brandi and Ean combined efforts to create this inviting entrance using an iron arbor.     Arbors are a traditional means of creating an entrance to a garden, courtyard or back yard.  Often we get hung up trying to figure out how to make the look...

Are My Plants Alive?

While not the coldest winter, these past few months have created some challenges in our yard.   The heavy snow in December splayed the limbs of a lot of evergreen trees. Many have popped back to their original form, while others have stayed bent. If you have...

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