Take Rose Gardening to New Heights

Climbing roses are born performers, stealing the show in any garden display. Their vibrant colors, full blooms, and ability to twine into trellises, fences, and supports make these plants as versatile as they are lovely. Choose from a variety of colors, single and...

The Nitty Gritty about Composting

On Saturday, March 26th HGTV host Joe Lamp’l will join us for the Garden for Life SpringFest. While he’s in Woodstock, he’ll teach local gardeners the ins and outs of starting and maintaining a thriving organic vegetable garden. There’s a lot that goes into organic...

How to Care for Fountains in Winter

Winter arrived late this year, but it’s busy making up for lost time. With dropping temperatures, frost, and big freezes predicted later this month, North Georgia gardeners are scrambling to winterize garden equipment and protect flowers. But what about garden...

Dig into Spring Veggie Gardening

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and we’re officially giving ourselves permission to get excited about spring. We’re still riding high on roses for the spring garden, but that’s not the only thing we’re digging into at Autumn Hill Nursery. Prep your palettes for...

Winter Color Takes Wing

In the winter, birdwatching adds some much needed life to the backyard. Birds bring color and vitality to the garden, taking the edge off that persistent thought: “Is it spring yet?” Your winter garden can come alive, whether it’s 73 degrees or 37. Attract birds to...

It’s Rose Season!

When we think of roses, we often think of sprawling grounds, fragrant blooms unfurling in the sun, and fine Southern ladies and gentleman making cuttings for the table. Roses encourage an atmosphere of elegance, whether you live in an old Georgian estate or an...

New Year, New Trends

Every garden is a unique tribute to an individual home, landscape, and gardener. But no matter what quirky style blooms in your garden, it’s hard to pass up annual garden trends. Stay on the cutting edge of gardening style (and push yourself outside of the box) with...

Baby, It’s Warm Outside

No, we didn’t get our white Christmas. Temperatures are still making up their minds about winter’s arrival, but for the most part, December felt more like April. Some folks in Georgia relish the spring-like weather we’ve enjoyed this season. Others prefer the cold...

3 Gardening Resolutions for 2016

The New Year is here, and that means it’s resolution season. People promise a variety of resolutions to better themselves for the New Year, from losing weight and exercising more to working harder for that promotion. But most resolutions have one thing in common:...

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