How to Plant and Care for Your Roses

How to Properly Plant Your Roses
Dig a hole at least two feet wide and the same depth as the pot. Mix the native soil from the hole with equal amounts soil conditioner and Complete Landscape Mix (CLM). Place a couple inches of the mix in the base of the hole. Gently remove the rose from the pot, loosen the roots with your fingers and place in the hole. The top of the root ball should be just an inch or so above soil level. Back fill your hole, tamping the soil as you go. Mulch around the rose with one inch of hardwood mulch or 2 inches of pine straw.
NOTE: if your rose is grafted, make sure the graft (bulge at the base of the trunk) sits atop the soil and is not buried.

Fertilization: Roses are heavy feeders. Fertilize your roses every two weeks for maximum blooms. Here is our guidance:
Starting late-March:
Mills Magic Granular (work into soil around rose.)
Two Weeks after Granular Application: Mills Magic Liquid Feed
Four Weeks After Granular Application: Mills Magic Liquid Feed .
Six Weeks After Granular Application
Apply Mills Magic and again and repeat the process throughout the season until September 15.

Watering: A healthy rose requires
10+ gallons of water per week during the growing season. This can be achieved by drip irrigation, overhead irrigation or hand watering. To help your roses develop a deeper roots, water less often but with larger amounts (e.g. 3-4 gallons 3 times per week). If using drip irrigation or soaker hoses run your system for a couple of hours to insure that your roses are getting enough water. Overhead irrigation can lead to fungal diseases on the leaves of roses. If you use overhead irrigation, set your controller to water around 7:00 a.m. The leaves will begin to dry as the sun comes up. If hand watering first use a 5 gallon buck and time how long it takes to fill the buck 2/3 full. This should be the same amount of time you water each rose several times a week. Avoid spraying the leaves to help prevent fungal issues.

Prevention of Fungal Diseases: Rose leaves are very susceptible to fungal
disease during the summer months when humidity is high and night time temperatures remain above 70 degrees.
Avoid watering in the evening if possible so the leaves do not stay wet into the night. Start a preventive early April, don’t wait to see a problem.

Spray Mixture to Limit Fungal Disease: Autumn Hill Nursery recommends that you spray your roses every 7 to 10 days. The products that you need to make an excellent fungal prevention spray are available at Autumn Hill. Nursery.
Here is the recipe:

Anti-Fungal Spray:
1 Gallon Pump Spray Applicator
1 gallon of Water
Add 1/3 teaspoon Propiconazole.
Add 1 tablespoon Mancozeb and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.
Mix again before spraying.
Apply every 7 to 10 days.

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