Removing the Intimidation of Growing Roses

Mention growing roses to most gardeners, and they respond with “I would love to but…” .  We love the idea of growing our roses to enjoy, but the fear of failure often holds us back.  We are told time and time again that roses are hard to grow. While it is...

Set the Mood With Ferns

We create gardens for numerous reasons. Sometimes we enjoy the visual excitement of an explosion of color, or maybe to watch the wildlife our garden attracts. Oftentimes it’s a means to escape and relax. Creating a relaxing or meditation garden is not difficult, but...

Proper Tree Planting is Essential for Longevity

Do’s Planting a tree Do dig the hole the same depth as the rootball Do dig the hole at least twice as wide as the root ball Do use your native soil when back filling but you can allow as much as 25% be a soil amendment Do loosen the roots from the sides and...

The Psychological Stages of Becoming a Gardener

The Psychological Stages of Becoming a Gardener Planting a shrub or two doesn’t make us a true gardener. Becoming a gardener takes time, and we pass through several psychological stages during this journey.  While we may deny some of these stages, we have all...

Creating a Haven in Your Back Yard

Creating a Haven in Our Back Yard With the disruption in our lives brought on by the current pandemic, most of us have spent more time at our homes than ever before. With that our focus has shifted to home improvement projects.  For many of us, that includes...
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