Get Your Garden Ready for Vacation!

While you’re spending a week soaking up the sun on a tropical vacation, your garden will be doing the same thing back home. Unfortunately, it won’t have buckets of sunscreen and a few poolside cocktails to keep it cool. Instead of coming home to brown grass and...

Make Gardening Fun for Kids!

Family gardening is a great way to get your kids active and outdoors. Bonus? You can teach them lifelong skills like planting, weeding, and cooking from the garden. Unfortunately, if you simply drag the kids along on your next gardening excursion, you’re more likely...

Sweet, Sun-Loving Shrubs

Hydrangeas are a staple of the Southern garden, providing the landscape with visual depth, deep color, and hundreds of blooms each summer. But there’s another reason Southern gardeners go gaga for hydrangeas: they love sunlight. And that’s one thing that’s never...

Become a Summer Watering Guru

When you’re a kid, nothing beats summer vacation. Students spend months anticipating ice cream by the pool, trips to the beach, and two months without a page of homework. Unfortunately for their parents, an adult’s homework is never done. Summer pushes busy Woodstock...

Fresh from the Garden

Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment gardeners get when they serve up dishes straight from the garden. Not only does it guarantee quality and freshness, it earns plenty of accolades at summer dinner parties. If you’re looking for a few fresh recipes to show off...
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