climbing rosesIt’s rose season again! Every year Autumn Hill Nursery bursts with colorful blooms and fragrant bouquets as we prepare your favorite garden staple for a fresh season of planting. We have a wide variety of classic rose varieties and new selections for your 2016 spring garden.

An Intro Guide to Selecting Roses

  • Hybrid Tea Roses and Grandiflora Roses: Hardy and lush, these roses feature long, upright stems. Hybrid Teas, beloved by florists everywhere, have a single bloom per stem. Grandiflora roses have a similar structure, but may grow some clusters.
  • David Austin English Roses: Sprawling, repeat blooming flowers with a strong fragrance, these roses evoke an old world look. The perfect marriage of old and new, they have the delicate look of old roses with the color and characteristics of modern roses.
  • Floribunda Roses: With small, stiff shrubs and lush sprays of hybrid tea-shaped blossoms, this rose variety is often the pinnacle of large, sprawling flowerbeds.
  • Climbing Roses: When properly trained, the long canes of these roses twine easily onto fences, trellises, pillars, and gazebos. Depending on the variety, they may develop a single flower per cane or clusters of blooms. Some varieties bloom once a season, while others bloom continually.
  • Shrub/Groundcover Roses: Short, sprawling roses that grow easily and have a long blooming period. Ideal for mass planting, bordering gardens, and planting in window boxes or bloom-spill displays.
  • Rugosa Roses: Rugosas are popular roses for organic gardeners because their disease-resistance limits the need for fungicides. Hardy flowers with small, simple flowers and short stems, the Rugosa Rose has a powerful perfume that transforms spring beds into luscious gardenscapes. They produce rose hips in winter, which add color to the off-season garden.
  • Tree Roses: Produced by grafting roses onto a trunk, tree roses add height and color to the garden.

Ready to make your selection? Reserve your roses online and pick them up in April. You can even pay online to save time on pickup day! For expert advice on choosing and planting rose bushes, visit Autumn Hill Nursery in Hickory Flat.

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