2017 Rose Sale

2017 Rose Sale

The temperature may have dropped outside and snow and sleet moved in, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start thinking about spring. In fact, now is the perfect time to start preparing for your spring garden. Autumn Hill Nursery & Landscape is ready to help you...

Take Rose Gardening to New Heights

Climbing roses are born performers, stealing the show in any garden display. Their vibrant colors, full blooms, and ability to twine into trellises, fences, and supports make these plants as versatile as they are lovely. Choose from a variety of colors, single and...

It’s Raining Roses at Autumn Hill

It’s rose season again! Every year Autumn Hill Nursery bursts with colorful blooms and fragrant bouquets as we prepare your favorite garden staple for a fresh season of planting. We have a wide variety of classic rose varieties and new selections for your 2016 spring...

How to Plant a Rose Garden

Starting a rose garden? Here is what we suggest: Read our Roses 101 page for an overview on growing roses. Make sure you have a spot in your yard that gets about seven hours of direct sunlight. Try to locate your garden where you can enjoy the view from your house or...
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