Climbing roses are born performers, stealing the show in any garden display. Their vibrant colors, full blooms, and ability to twine into trellises, fences, and supports make these plants as versatile as they are lovely. Choose from a variety of colors, single and cluster bloom plants, and petal arrangements when you buy climbing roses at Autumn Hill Nursery.

Planting Climbing Roses

With a little encouragement, climbing roses quickly take to the skies. They weave into trellises and archways, climb lattice fences and even homes, transforming the landscape into a gardener’s dream. Climbing roses grow in a variety of colors and styles, from single bloom beauties to clusters of delicate flowers. Choose a rose with numerous colors like Joseph’s Coat, which fades from brilliant scarlet to sunshiny yellow, or New Dawn, which unfurls with delicate, pale pink petals that add a touch of sweetness to any garden.

How to Train Climbing Roses

climbing roses on fenceChoose a support for your roses. Most varieties produce more lush blooms when grown horizontally (like along the top of an arch or fence) but many will also flourish when grown up walls and support beams. Ensure your support will bear the weight of the roses in summer storms. Plant the roses with the center 18 to 30 inches from the support. Care for climbing rose plants as you would for any other rose. Loosely tie the sturdiest structural canes to the support using stretchy fabric. Allow climbing roses to grow unpruned for several years, loosely tying new canes when necessary. Most climbing roses need minimal assistance once they begin growing upward.

Transform your garden with a sprawl of roses along the fences, up trellises, and over archways. Order climbing roses on our website or visit Autumn Hill Nursery in Hickory Flat for help choosing your climbers.

Roses Climbing on Fence

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