hanging pink rosesStarting a rose garden? Here is what we suggest:

  • Read our Roses 101 page for an overview on growing roses.
  • Make sure you have a spot in your yard that gets about seven hours of direct sunlight.
  • Try to locate your garden where you can enjoy the view from your house or patio.
  • Plan to amend your soil well; there is no substitution for sunlight and good soil.
  • Start off with Floribunda roses.  They are easier to grow than hybrid teas and many David Austins.

Our Staff’s Favorite Roses

  • Nancy chose the Rock & Roll (Hybrid Tea) rose. “Every bloom is wonderful; never fails year after year.”
  • Marjukka prefers the Tamora (David Austin) rose bush. “Fits in perfectly with its sweet apricot coloring and delightful fragrance.”
  • Don Juan (Climber) roses are Dalia’s pick “Forever giving of color even in heat of summer’”
  • Cathy adores the Zephirine Drouhin (Climber) rose.  “I love her hot pink color and wonderful fragrance.  Being thornless is also a big plus.”
  • David picks the Rugosas. “They remind me of childhood, climbing the dunes of Cape Cod while these beach rose were blooming.”
  • Kari likes the variety of Tiffany (Hybrid Tea) roses.Gorgeous in bud and bloom, good vase rose, lovely fragrance.”
  • Hot Cocoa (Floribunda) roses are Eric’s favorite. “Wonderful smoky red color, beautiful full buds, beautiful deep green foliage.”

Call us to or stop by Autumn Hill to discuss your garden and rose selections; we want to help you succeed!

photo from flickr

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