Winter arrived late this year, but it’s busy making up for lost time. With dropping temperatures, frost, and big freezes predicted later this month, North Georgia gardeners are scrambling to winterize garden equipment and protect flowers. But what about garden fixtures? Protect bird baths and fountains from freezing weather with these tips from Autumn Hill Nursery.

Winter Fountains

Fountains are at risk during deep freezes because the majority of them are made from cast stone. This porous material often cracks when the contained water expands into ice. To protect your garden fountain from a freeze, drain all water before temperatures drop. Remove pumps, tubing, and rubber gaskets. Store the fountain accessories (or, if small enough, the entire fountain) indoors until temperatures warm up again.

Keep Bird Baths from Freezing in Winter

bird bath covered in snowUnlike fountains, bird baths are still necessary in winter. When water becomes scarce, birds rely on garden bird baths to bathe. They may also scoop up water in their beaks to carry back to their young. Providing a fresh water source encourages birds to build nests nearby, keeping your garden lively during the winter. Follow these tips for tending a bird bath in winter.

  • Choose a surface with a rough rim and gently sloping sides (no steep inclines here!).
  • Fill with 1-3 inches of water (and no more). Birds prefer to stand when bathing.
  • Invest in a bird bath with a small, submersible heater to prevent water from freezing.
  • If you have a tech-free bird bath, place a stick in the water on cold days. Not only will it prevent cement bowls from cracking, it makes lifting ice out of the bowl easy.
  • Keep the water fresh and above freezing temperatures during the day.

Autumn Hill Nursery has everything your garden needs to make it through the winter. Whether you’re hunting for a new birdbath or converting an old one into a planter, visit the experts at our Woodstock garden center to make your winter garden project a success.

Bird Bath

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