In the winter, birdwatching adds some much needed life to the backyard. Birds bring color and vitality to the garden, taking the edge off that persistent thought: “Is it spring yet?” Your winter garden can come alive, whether it’s 73 degrees or 37. Attract birds to the garden with these tried and true tips.

Research the Region

blue tit at bird feederAre you hoping to attract specific birds to your garden? No matter how much you love Birds of Paradise, you won’t find one lounging in your bird bath. Research birds native to North Georgia. Orioles, cardinals, and bluejays add rich color to dull landscapes. Determine what type of habitats and feed will attract the birds on your checklist, then get to work.

Landscaping to Attract Birds

Birds see plants as a source of food and shelter. They’re often attracted to yards with sturdy trees, tall grasses, meadow flowers, and fresh bird baths. Plant native flowers known to attract the birds on your to-see list. Remove old bird nests annually to encourage new birds to nest in your yard. You may also want to buy plants to deter predators. Rue, lavender, and pennyroyal are excellent cat deterrents (bonus: lavender keeps deer out of the yard as well).

Attracting Birds with Feed

If you have a food and water source, winter birds will come. Attract Georgia birds with a bird feeder and seed. Black oil sunflower and white millet attract the broadest variety of birds to the yard. Start with just 1 or 2 feeders, and keep the feeders clean. To attract a specific type of bird, determine what food they like best and hang it in a clean, easily seen area.

February is National Bird-Feeding Month. For more tips on landscaping to attract birds, visit Autumn Hill Nursery.

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