As the joy of Christmas decorating slowly fades and the temperamental weather of January settles over Woodstock, many gardeners begin to fall into a rut. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by “dreary” winter gardening and ignore the bright possibilities of January landscaping. If you’re looking for a fresh start in the garden this year, Autumn Hill Nursery has 3 ways to transform your landscape this winter.

3 Winter Landscaping Tips

  1. Reveal the hidden beauty. Does your lawn look bare after the bright garden ornaments of December? The landscape is just waiting for you to reveal its winter beauty. Take January and February to prune woody plants, supplement mulch in flowerbeds, and deadhead winter-blooming flowers like pansies. Highlight the exposed beauty of silvery tree branches, add white lights and iridescent garden ornaments to bare spots in the yard, and re-pot indoor flowers in fresh containers for an extra burst of winter color.
  2. winter roses in stockStop and smell the roses. Our nursery staff eagerly anticipates the bushels of rose bushes arriving in our Woodstock and Canton garden centers over the next few weeks. If you’re an Autumn Hill veteran you know may already know which of our varieties you love best. If you’re new to Georgia gardening, there’s no better opportunity to pick an expert’s brain about the aesthetics, pruning requirements, and ideal growing conditions of each rose variety. Start reserving your roses in mid-January!
  3. Plan for spring. If you’re mourning that thriving greenscape that sprouts every spring, that’s okay! Refocus your gardening efforts on planning your ideal spring landscape. Assess the layout of your yard and determine:
  • If better irrigation would improve growth in your garden
  • If any flowerbeds are bare or over-crowded
  • Whether you need more vivid colors or calming greens to balance your landscape
  • If you have a good ratio of plants to hardscape elements in your yard

Do you need an expert opinion to steer your winter garden in the right direction? Autumn Hill Nursery is here to help! Stop by our Woodstock or Canton garden center for outdoor decor, winter gardening workshops, plants and supplies, and winter landscaping tips for Georgia gardeners!

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