Like most residents of Woodstock and Canton, the folks at Autumn Hill Nursery relishes the peace, love, and festive fun of the holiday season. We’re making a point to close our doors this year and allow our staff to enjoy the holidays with the people they love. Both Autumn Hill Nursery & Landscaping in Hickory Flat and Four Seasons Gift and Garden in Canton will be closed Sunday, December 21st through Tuesday, January 6th. But you don’t have to give up the joy of winter landscaping while we’re away.

A Season of Renewal

Christmas trees, living wreaths, and evergreen swag are symbols of hope and renewal during a season of dreary winter weather. Keep the spirit going through the new year by planting indoor container gardens, brightening up the landscape with DIY decor, and accentuating the bare beauty of slim-limbed ornamental trees. After the presents are unpacked and the tree hits the curb, restore your enthusiasm for winter gardening by cleaning up organic debris, caring for winter flowers like pansies and violas, and sketching blueprints for fresh garden design.

Post-Christmas Landscaping Checklist

  • pink rosebudRecycle your Christmas tree
  • Prepare your plants for the temperature drop
  • Start thinking about January/February pruning
  • Get a jump on planning before the rose bushes arrive at Autumn Hill Nursery this January
  • Protect your winter landscape from wildlife

We can’t wait to dive into a new year of garden upkeep, winter workshops, and fresh blooms! Call Autumn Hill Nursery for more information on winter landscaping and garden decor.

photo from flickr

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