There’s no portrait more quintessentially Southern than that of a stately, well-dressed woman in the garden, sipping sweet tea as she tends her roses. The reality of rose gardening is a little less elegant and a little dirt-speckled, but there’s no denying that Georgia women (and men, and children, for that matter) love their roses. From adaptable knockout roses — impossible to kill, no matter how brown your thumb is — to challenging Hybrid Tea roses, there’s no end to the rose bushes that can transform our gardens from dormant to flourishing. Autumn Hill Nursery has dozens of rose varieties in stock this January. Here are a few of our favorites.

Buy January Roses in Woodstock

Black Baccara rose. Looking for a lush, velvety flower for Valentine’s Day? Black Baccara roses have a deep burgundy hue and live longer than typical varieties when cut.

fragrant rose bushSceptered Isle rose. A charming flower with a sweet shape and soft color, the Sceptered Isle rose has a rich fragrance in the garden and on the table.

The Best Kept Secret rose. A hybrid tea rose that’s fresh in the Autumn Hill Nursery this season, The Best Kept Secret has a soft, romantic shape, glossy foliage, a citrusy scent, and a hearty resistance to disease.

Rugosa rose. These Japanese rose bushes add color and depth to any garden. A favorite with newbie and organic gardeners, the Rugosa rose bush is notoriously hard to damage. That’s why we’re stocking two varieties this year!

Ready to reserve your roses? Call Autumn Hill Nursery and say “hello” to a beautiful spring garden.

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