4 Easy Ways to Spooky-Up the Garden

You’ve planted your pansies, potted your mums, and enriched the soil of your vegetable gardens, but your seasonal landscape still feels incomplete. What to do? If you find yourself wishing for a little holiday spirit in the garden, you can transform your garden for...

2 Major Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid This Fall

Autumn in Georgia abounds with fresh flowers, new grass, and a variety of opportunities to update home landscapes. October has the perfect weather for new plant growth. Warm, sunny days and cool evenings tells plants it’s almost – but not quite – time for...

Fall Into Autumn Landscaping

Fall presents a unique opportunity for Georgia gardeners to revitalize their landscapes. The vibrant foliage and bright blooms of spring and summer have faded for another year, but the deep, earth-rich tones of fall are taking root. If you’re not quite sure how to...

Why is Fall the Perfect Time to Plant?

Did you know that here in Georgia autumn is the best time to plant trees, shrubs, and even most perennials?  There are numerous benefits of fall planting for you and your plants during the next few months. Benefits of Fall Planting Less watering is required. The...

Autumn: The Second Spring

If you’re a recent transplant to the South, you may find Georgia’s fixation on fall gardening a little baffling. After all, in the northern states autumn arrives in a rush of cold wind and brisk temperatures, making the prospect of planting anything but winter-hardy...

A Look into Our Landscape Design Service

This week, Autumn Hill Nursery was pleased to hear from a recent client of our landscape design service. Ashley hired our Woodstock garden center to design and install a family friendly backyard space for her Towne Lake home. “We knew our backyard had tons of...
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