The controversy over genetically modified foods – as well as the use of pesticides and other chemicals on commercially grown food – is in high gear.  Are GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) a good thing?  Are the chemicals used really safe?  Where did the food come from, and are the regulations in that country as strict as our?

With all this information available from so many different sources, it’s hard to know what to believe. Our government is watching out for our health, but they don’t always get it right. It often them takes years, or even decades, to realize when they’re in the wrong. Chances are the food pyramid used today isn’t the same one you grew up with. After decades of touting the woes of high cholesterol food, our government is now saying, “never mind, we had it wrong.” As we gather more information about the foods we eat, research often shows different results than what we initially expected.

People get weary of being the government’s guinea pigs, but it seems there is little we can do to protect ourselves.  Most of us are not in a position to raise our own cattle and pigs or gather our own eggs. One thing we can do? Grow our own vegetables and fruit.

Why Fresher Is Better

container vegetable gardenHere are a few reasons to consider growing your own vegetables, herbs, and fruit. When you start an edible garden, you know:

  • What you are eating
  • Where it came from
  • Who handled it
  • What chemicals and fertilizer,s if any, were applied
  • How fresh it is

In addition, fresh vegetables grown in your yard:

  • Taste better
  • Are fresher
  • Provide more nutrients
  • Cost less

This should be reason enough to justify skipping the produce isle at the grocery, but just in case you need one more: growing you own herbs and veggies is the hip thing to do. And we all want to be hip, don’t we?

Autumn Hill Nursery hosts regular workshops on planting, maintaining, and enjoying edible gardens. Join us for our next interactive lesson this Saturday at 11am in Hickory Flat.

Vegetable Garden Image from Flickr

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