Okay, the police are not trolling the neighborhoods looking for bad landscaping (though a few HOA’s might be), but we can right a few wrongs when it comes to landscaping. Steer clear of these common landscaping mistakes as you tackle your yard this spring.

Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid this Spring

  1. jail - hands holding barsNo pushing or shoving. Give your plants some room to grow.
  2. Don’t step on down power lines. Well, don’t let your trees get tangled up in them. Look up before planting.
  3. Don’t be the Pusherman.  Proper soil preparation will allow your plants to become less dependent on fertilizers. Plan to amend your soil before planting.
  4. Wrong plant in the right place or right plant in wrong place. You decide. Either way, make sure you choose plants to fit your cultural conditions (sunny, shady, wet, dry, etc).
  5. Don’t hide in the bushes.  Remember landscaping should compliment your house, not cover it up.
  6. Whoa, I didn’t know that was against the law?  Too many lawn ornaments is tacky.  Less is better, but then again why not express yourself?  (Okay you can ignore this one if you choose).
  7. Respect deer season.  If deer are an issue, avoid the plants they love to eat. We can help if you’re having trouble keeping wildlife away.
  8. You can be a Peeping Tom as long as you’re looking at your garden. Make sure you can catch the view from inside the house or patio, or your hard work will go to waste.
  9. Return the shears you shoplifted. Leave the shearing to Edward Scissorhands; your plants want to be treated to proper pruning. Look, I’m “Edward Scissor-quit-shearing-stuff.”
  10. Graffiti not allowed. Nor is splatter painting. Make sure your color–whether its annual beds or sweeps of azaleas—makes sense and helps create harmony throughout the yard. Be consistent and repeat themes.
  11. Man, I just had to have it!  Everyone visits the garden centers in the spring and falls in love with what’s in bloom.  The problem is, you won’t have any color in your yard after spring. Plan your color for year-round interest.
  12. You have the right to remain silent as your spouse reads you the riot act for not having a plan. A plan, even if rudimentary, is a necessity for success.

Need help planning flowerbeds, resupplying the garden shed, or designing a spring landscape? Autumn Hill Nursery is happy to help!

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