dew on blade of grassIn most regions, summer gardening takes a free hand with the hose. In sticky Southern climates, we often feel like we’re draining the county dry to keep our vegetables fresh and our flowers blooming. Watering summer plants is important, but many gardeners waste water without realizing it. Jump on earth-friendly gardening this summer with these tips for saving water in the garden.

6 Tips for Conserving Water in the Garden

  1. Prep. You may not think your soil has anything to do with water conservation. You’d be wrong. Nourishing plants with the right fertilizers and soil supplements helps them grow stronger, allowing them to pull more water from the soil and more effectively utilize the H2O they get. Aeration helps water penetrate the soil, hydrating plants’ roots.
  2. Plant smart. Is your water bill out of control? Try planting drought-tolerant plants in the summer garden.
  3. Use planters. Planters make it easy to water only as much as a plant needs. If you tend to overwater flowerbeds, try porch planters, wheelbarrow container gardens in the yard, and indoor vegetable gardens.
  4. Water deeply, not daily. Allowing moisture to fully penetrate the soil doesn’t just save water; it keeps plants healthier than shallow watering.
  5. Look at the clock. Early morning and late evening are the best times to water summer plants. The sun won’t burn off the water as quickly, so each watering is more effective.
  6. Keep your water cool. If your hose spends all day laying out in the sun, it will heat the water before it gets to the plants. Hot water stresses summer plants, making it harder to keep them healthy. Get ahead of the game by watering in the morning or keeping your hose out of direct sunlight.

Want more tips on summer watering best practices? Stop by Autumn Hill Nursery for a chat with our gardening experts.

Wet Grass Image from Flickr

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