community vegetable gardenWhen spring arrives, it sweeps gardeners into a rush of anticipating, planting, and harvesting color. Spring is all about what’s new, transforming the garden and giving new plants a chance at life. But as the Georgia sun heats up and summer looms on the horizon, reality starts setting in. Vegetable gardens require summer maintenance to provide succulent meals later in the season. Maintain a healthy summer vegetable garden with these tips from your friends at Autumn Hill Nursery.

Maintaining Summer Veggie Gardens

Want to keep your veggies growing strong?

  • Acclimate vegetables and herbs from indoor gardens a week before you transplant them into the ground.
  • Water regularly, but don’t let the soil become sodden, or your veggies may wind up growing fungi.
  • Water in the early morning or late evening to prevent wasted water from evaporation.
  • Test the pH in your soil and supplement its acidity or alkalinity based on the needs of the veggies in your garden.
  • Apply fertilizer during the growing season, but be careful not to overfeed your plants. We recommend using organic fertilizers for edibles.
  • Planting tomatoes? Build a cage to help them grow. What about cucumbers? Leave plenty of space for them to unfurl. Give each veggie the support it needs to grow a healthy crop.
  • Consider spreading mulch to minimize weeds and maximize plant hydration.
  • Protect your plants from hungry wildlife by using repellants, applying home remedies, or fencing in your vegetable garden with mesh chicken wire.

Stock up on seedlings, fertilizer, and gardening tips at Autumn Hill Nursery. Happy growing!

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