Have you ever passed a house that made you go, “Eeek! Decorating disaster!”? Planting the wrong perennials in your walkway flowerbeds can be just as embarrassing as wearing socks with sandals to the grocery store. You wouldn’t let your husband get away with it, so why demand it of your front yard? When you don’t consider color before you plant, it’s like pairing rust orange socks with black sandals. If you’re not aiming for a Worst Dressed award for your yard, it’s best to avoid blinding color combinations.

How to Create Curb Appeal with Color

If your eye for color is stuck in the 80’s, don’t despair. We’ve got a few helpful tips for perfect garden color, every time.

  1. Think fashion. Adam and Eve’s leaf-inspired attire aside, if your yard were an ensemble, would you leave the house in it? If you wouldn’t walk out the door in a purple top with orange shorts, why would you plant hyacinth next to orange begonias? Before leaving Autumn Hill Nursery, make sure you know not only which plant you’re buying, but how soil acidity and other factors may affect its color.
  2. red, purple, and pink foxgloveGet psychological. Did you know that colors are psychologically proven to affect a person’s mood? A lot of greenery in the garden improves concentration; plant lush greens in a reading nook in the backyard or an indoor garden near the office. For a calming effect, plant perennials with blue hues. If you’re planting bright yellows, oranges, or reds, beware: these colors encourage energy, but too much of these colors can have a stressful effect.
  3. Consider a color scheme. Choosing the colors for your landscape is like choosing the colors for your wedding. Most successful gardeners stick to shades in one or two main palettes, with a bold difference here and there to add visual interest.

Not sure which plants will match your bold-toned house? Looking for a perennial to match your favorite vivid bloom? The folks at Autumn Hill Nursery are color experts! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll coach you through your first class on color, no Vogue subscription needed.

Foxglove Photo from Flickr

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