Succulents were among the top gardening trends in 2016, and it’s no mystery why. They’re handsome plants that are easy to grow, even if you lack that magic green thumb. Propagation of succulents is easy, since they can grow roots from almost any of their parts. It is good to start by creating a small terrarium, which would provide the conditions needed for root development.

How to Make a Terrarium

A glass jar or any other type of clean container can be used. First, add one to two inches thick layer of charcoal pieces. Then mix soil with charcoal and fill to about one-third of the size of the container. The surface is now ready for planting.

Propagation Procedure

  • succulent container gardenSelect a good, healthy leaf and separate it from the stem. It is recommended that you use a razor blade to make the cut as clean as possible. Dip the blade in white spirit before use. Cut as many leaves as needed.
  • Keep the leaves in a dry and well-lit spot for three days to dry. Avoid watering, as the cuttings may rot. The parent plant should also be left to heal the stem from which the cuttings were taken.
  • You may choose to dip the cuttings into a growth hormone mixture, although this is not necessary. Place on the prepared surface so root growth may take place.
  • Sprinkle the water gently with a hand sprayer. Watch the surface and keep it slightly moist.
  • Wait until you see the root system starting to develop. Don’t dig. The roots will find their way by themselves.

Succulents are easy to maintain plants that can survive in extremely warm weather by storing liquid in their leaves and stems. If water expenditure is your concern, adding succulents can help create a water-wise landscape. To learn more, contact Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock.

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