Every garden is a unique tribute to an individual home, landscape, and gardener. But no matter what quirky style blooms in your garden, it’s hard to pass up annual garden trends. Stay on the cutting edge of gardening style (and push yourself outside of the box) with the top garden trends of 2016.

2016 Trends for the Garden

  1. succulent gardenSucculents. Not only are they notoriously hard to kill (hey, not every gardener was born with a green thumb), they’re a cornerstone of xeriscaping (landscaping focused on water conservation). Give succulents your own personal touch by planting them in hanging teapots, sleek flower boxes, or a vertical garden.
  2. Indoor gardening. Winter isn’t the only season for indoor gardening anymore. More and more homeowners plant mini herb and veggie gardens on kitchen windowsills for easy harvesting (and that extra helping of country style). Indoor gardens have also become popular for younger gardeners living in apartments or condos, who transform patios and indoor spaces into makeshift backyards.
  3. Hardcore hardscaping. Hardscaping doesn’t just mean bird baths anymore. Homeowners build outdoor entertaining areas into the garden by incorporating stone walls, fountains, and fire pits. Their versatility for entertaining and visual appeal make fire pits, in particular, one of the top landscaping trends of the last few years.
  4. Sustainability. Whether it’s planting low maintenance shrubs without sacrificing aesthetic appeal, planting natives to benefit the environment, or planting to encourage pollinators, sustainability has become a top gardening trend in recent years. Something tells us this one isn’t going away anytime soon.

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Succulent Garden

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