You may be mourning the loss of your vibrant fall blooms, but the wildlife in your yard is busy worrying about staying warm and fed during the winter. Planting shrubs that support winter wildlife is a great way to support the environment—and add life back to your yard while you’re at it!

3 Shrubs to Attract Birds & Wildlife

  1. bird on winter branch‘Red Sprite’ Winterberry. A favorite winter shrub on the East Coast, winterberry bushes have glossy green leaves and vibrant (and juicy!) red berries. They provide food and shelter to winter birds, and add a pop of color to dreary winter landscapes.
  2. Roses. Roses and birds are a match made in heaven. Rose bushes provide birds with shelter from the elements. And rose hips aren’t bad for supper, either! Species roses produce the best hips, and climbing roses and ramblers also grow a bunch. Did you know that roses are in the same plant family as apples? No wonder their hips taste so crisp and delicious! We have a huge selection of roses on the way. Check our website over the next few weeks for first dibs on your favorite rose bushes.
  3. Red Twig Dogwood. A beauty in holiday decor or bare winter gardens, red twig dogwoods are also great for foraging and shelter for winter animals. With their yellow-white flowers in the spring, berries in the fall, and vibrant red branches all year, it’s the perfect addition to Woodstock gardens this winter.

Don’t let your garden die this winter. Bring the landscape back to life with these wildlife-friendly winter shrubs from Autumn Hill Nursery.

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