Temperatures have already begun to drop below the freezing mark and we all know we are probably in for some cold nights this January so we wanted to give you some tips on how to winterize your outdoor fountains and ponds and keep them in tip top shape through the months of freezing nights and chilly days.


Why is it Important to Winterize Your Ponds

If you have any plant life in your fountains or garden ponds, you will need to pay special attention to their needs when the temperatures drop. Some plants can be left in your pond such as hardy water lilies and cattails. To protect them from freezing temperatures, submerge them at the bottom of the pond. The water will act as insulation and protect them from damage. If you have more temperamental plants such as tropical water lilies you will need to remove them from your pond and place them in a tub of water that stays above 50 deg F.

Why it is Important to Winterize your Fountains

Just like your house pipes, if water is left in your fountains and it freezes, the waterlines inside the fountains and possible the fountains themselves can crack from the expanding ice. To avoid damage to your fountains follow these simple steps:

  1. Drain all water from the fountain and leave it completely dry.
  2. Remove the fountain pump and store it inside for the winter. This will also give you an opportunity to clean the pump of any debris it has accumulated over the season.
  3. Cover your fountain with a waterproof cover to prevent any other water from entering the fountain. Covers are typically easy to find and are made in many different sizes – we probably carry one at our nursery to fit your fountain! If you would prefer not to use a cover, place towels or rags in the basin of your fountain to absorb any water before it could enter the fountain.

Just as you have prepared your flower beds for winter, it is just as important to take these steps to care for your water fountains and ponds during the cold months to have them ready for operation in the spring. Autumn Hill Nursery in Canton, GA would be happy to help you winterize your fountains, ponds, or answer any other questions you have about caring for your garden this season!

Photo from Flickr.


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