There’s a reason Autumn Hill Nursery’s David picked Rugosa Roses as his favorite blooms for the spring season. Rugosas unfold easily each spring, spilling bright beauty and enticing fragrance without months of fighting perpetually bloom-free stalks. These winter-hardy shrubs make an excellent addition to any garden, whether you’re a rose pro or learning to plant your first rose bushes.

Fragrant and Stress-Free

rugosa rose bushMost rose foliage has a smooth, shiny texture, but Rugosa roses boast a more distinctive feel: a wrinkled, almost leathery texture that adds character to the garden. In fact, the Latin root word for Rugosa, rugosus, means “full of wrinkles.” Because of the unique texture of its foliage, the Rugosa rose is less susceptible to disease. Rugosa roses don’t need to be sprayed to prevent Black Spot or other foliar diseases that typically affect summer rose bushes. Not only that, Rugosas resist damage from the rose gardener’s worst nightmare: the Japanese Beetle. They are tolerant of poor soil and high winds, retaining their blooms and health through unexpected weather conditions. Just make sure to plant them in a bright spot where they’ll get at least 6 hours of sunlight a day!

Why Plant Rugosa Roses?

Rugosa roses give gardeners the lush fragrance of a hearty rose garden without the effort of planting a more challenging variety. A few reasons to plant Rugosa roses:

  • They have a strong, spicy-sweet scent.
  • They bring vibrant color to fall and winter gardens.
  • Since Rugosa roses don’t need or like chemicals, they’re ideal for organic gardening.
  • You can use them in the kitchen! Rose hips provide 8 times the Vitamin C of oranges and make excellent teas, jellies, and soups.

Ready to give Rugosa roses a try? Check out our shrub roses section or stop by Autumn Hill Nursery and ask about our Hansa and Blanc Double de Corbert Rugosa roses.

photo from FreeDigitalPhotos

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