plantsWhen you feel like throwing rug over the ground and calling it a day, ground cover plants are perfect for you. Check out a list of some good ground covering plants we put together for you.

Thyme This evergreen plant is great for ground covering and also cooking. The woody-stem plant features tiny, fragrant leaves and flowers that can be used fresh or dried.

Sweet woodruff – This flowering perennial plant is in the Rubiaceae family and is native to much of Europe from Spain and Ireland to Russia, as well as Western Siberia, Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus, China and Japan.

Ground Elder – Also known as “bishop’s weed,” if you want a groundcover plant with a fast, aggressive spread, this plant is what you want.

Ajuga – If you want a plant that is easy to control and spreads fast, look no further.

Lamium – This ground cover plant can reach 6-8 inches tall but spreads twice as wide. It’s often used as a bright decorative highlight next to plants with darker foliage, such as boxwoods and conifers.

Mondo grass –  It’s not real grass, but it looks like it. Its slender, strappy, sometimes variegated leaves in shades of green to almost black grow 3-24 inches tall.

Overall, no matter which of these plants you choose, your ground is sure to be covered in little to no time at all. For more information about our plants at Autumn Hill Nursery, visit our website or give us a call at 770-442-3901.  
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