Plants for Problem Areas

In a perfect world, all the plants we love would thrive anywhere we wanted to grow them. We would have no trouble spots in our yards, and there would be no need for the following lists. But… 

Here are some plant suggestions for common problem we deal with in the landscape.

Plants for Slopes

Perennials and groundcovers

Vinca minor             Wintercreeper              Liriope

Thrift                        Creeping Raspberry    Georgia Blue Veronica

Juniper                      Cotoneaster                 Daylily


Abelia                        Distylium                   Spirea

Forsythia                   Loropetalum               Viburnum


Plants for Wet Soils

Perennials and groundcovers

Daylily                      Japanese Iris               Astilbe

Cinnamon Fern         Lady Fern                   Swamp Sunflower

Canna                        Flag Iris                      Joe Pye Weed

Shrubs and trees

Clethra                       Sweetshrub                Itea

Florida Anise             Yaupon Holly            Bald Cypress

Wax Myrtle                Riverbirch                 Sweetbay Magnolia

Weeping Willow


Plants for Dry Soils

Perennials and groundcovers

Yarrow                        Sedums                    Black-Eyed-Susan

Epimedium                 Juniper                      Coreopsis

Coneflower                 Tassel Fern               Holly Fern


Spirea                           Quince                       Abelia

Forsythia                      Barberry                    Russian Sage


Plants for Dense Shade

Perennials and groundcovers

Liriope                          Mondo Grass           Lamium

Columbine                    Bleeding Heart         Soloman’s Seal

Woodland Phlox           Hosta                        Lenten Rose

Painted Fern                  Autumn Fern      


Mahonia                    Aucuba                     Fatsia

Cast Iron Plant          Eleagnus                   Nandina

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