If you are considering roses this year, and just can’t decide, here are some of Marjukka’s favorites

Bolero | Autumn Hill NurseryBolero-Compact growth so perfect for containers. Wonderfully strong fruity fragrance




Honey Dijon-Good sized blooms with unusual color and strong scent. Holds up well in a vase.




Memorial Day | Autumn Hill NurseryMemorial Day-Beautiful orchid pink, ruffled blooms on long stems. Strong classic rose scent




Parade Day | Autumn Hill NurseryParade Day- Flowers are a medium pink with a lighter swirl.  Great fragrance. Very reliable rose




Ring of Fire- Red/orange high center blooms that do not fade in our Georgia sun. Long lasting cut flower



Neil Diamond-Showy red blooms with stripes of white. Classic rose fragrance




Pope John Paul II- produces an abundance of start white blooms with a fabulous fragrance.




Julia Child-Bright yellow fragrant flowers nearly all season long. Great yellow performer in our heat.



Don Juan Climber | Autumn Hill NurseryDon Juan Climber-True red, fragrant blossoms. Excellent repeat bloomers. The rose is more manageable than many  other climbers.



Tropical Lightning | Autumn Hill NurseryTropical Lightning Climber-Unusual color combination with each flower, long lasting blooms




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