You’ve waited all year for the rose garden to bloom. You pre-ordered roses in January, waited at the garden center to nab the first batch off the truck, and tenderly planted them in an honored place in your garden. Now it’s time to dig into the nitty gritty of rose gardening: summer care.

Nutrition and Hydration

Are your roses wilting? You would too if you were stuck out in the heat all day! Roses grow a lot during the summer, which depletes their energy reserves. Keep your roses healthy by sticking to a feeding and watering schedule. Deep soak roses at least once a week while they’re flowering. Feed roses with an organic fertilizer or rose food compound. Add organic material like compost or mulch to the soil to keep it nutrient-rich.

Pretty and Pruned

cut roses in basketAre your roses looking a little bedraggled? After early summer flowers fade, rose bushes often need a boost. Lightly prune flowering stems in addition to deadheading spent blooms. Your rose bushes should flower again within 3-4 weeks. You can continue light pruning to encourage rose reblooming until about a month before the first frost.

Keep Roses Healthy

If you want to take a hands-off approach, choose a rose variety that’s resistant to disease. Regularly clean up lawn debris like twigs, weeds, and spent flowers and leaves from the base of your rose bush. Always prune with clean shears to prevent the spread of disease. Catch insect infestations early, and treat with organic aphid control whenever possible.

Autumn Hill Nursery doesn’t just supply rose plants, we also supply expert advice on planting and maintaining rose bushes. If you’re looking for rose bushes, gardening tools, or top-notch advice, visit our Woodstock gardening center.

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