The winter months are hard for wild birds, and in north Georgia where the weather can feel like spring one day and be below freezing that night, the bird population is always in need of a clean, reliable source of fresh water. There are many options for providing water for your favorite birds and it is crucial to their survival to do so during the cold months of the year. At Autumn Hill Nursery, we have a great selection of bird baths, fountains, even bird bath heaters so the birds you like to see every morning out of your breakfast nook window will keep coming back and providing you with the joy and entertainment that comes with bird watching.

Types of Bird Baths

Bird baths come in a variety of different styles and shapes including ground, pedestal, hanging, or fountain. The type of bird bath you choose will determine the types of birds that will visit it. Large birds, such as quail and ducks, will prefer ground baths because they are easy for them to reach. Hanging bird baths will more likely attract small birds like finches and chickadees but they will have a smaller capacity and will need refilling and cleaning more often.

Bird Bath Heaters

Some bird baths come with heaters in them or you can buy auxiliary heaters to put in them as the weather determines. Solar bird baths have solar panels attached to them that provide energy for either a heater or to a bubbler to create movement in the water. You can also build your own bird bath heater for under$40 if you cannot find one that suits your style or budget.

Fountains and Water Features

When considering adding a bird bath to your yard, keep in mind that moving water will attract more birds than a stagnant pool. Know this, you may rather choose to add a whole water feature or fountain that would act as both a bird bath and a decorative piece for your garden.

Autumn Hill Nursery has a wide selection of accessories for all of your bird watching needs. We can help you select just the right bird bath, fountain, or bird bath heater to attract your favorite cardinals, blue jays, or goldfinches to your Canton, GA or Woodstock, GA backyard.

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