Cultivated roses have been documented as far back as 2000 BC in the Middle East, by 500 BC rose cultivation had became well spread through the China, the Roman Empire, and Europe. The beauty and allure of roses is timeless.

Obviously roses hold a special place in our hearts here at Autumn Hill Nursery. In 1992, our second year in business, we began growing out finished roses to offer our customers. While roses have always been popular with our customers, in recent years the interest in roses has grown tremendously as people find more ways to incorporate roses into their outdoor space.

Here are a few benefits to incorporating roses into your garden or landscape.

Visual Beauty: Available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, roses can add vibrant color to any setting.  Some varieties bloom for months on end, while others show off their color in cycles throughout the warmer seasons.  Roses can be used to set mood such as calmness with pastel colors or excitement with a mix of bright, bold colors.

Fragrance: Many roses offer a delightful fragrance that adds immensely to your enjoyment. Fragrance can evoke memories, create calmness, and help immerse you in your settings.  When choosing roses don’t overlook this opportunity.

Versatility: From ground hugging to far reaching ramblers and climbers there are rose varieties to fit your needs or situation. With most varieties reaching a 3-5’ tall range they are easy to incorporate into our traditional landscape beds and borders. Climbers can be used to garden vertically along walls, arbors and fences.

Bring Beauty indoors:  Roses make excellent cut flowers allowing you to enjoy the beauty of fresh cut flowers all season long.

There are many ways to enjoy the beauty of roses throughout your yard and garden.

Incorporate into a landscape bed:  With so many varieties and colors of roses to choose from you can easily substitute roses for other flowering shrubs such as spireas, abelias, butterfly bushes, gardenias and loropetalums.  As companion plants, roses work well with evergreen hollies, distyliums, gardenias and boxwoods.  Pair them with ornamental grasses and perennials for even more color and textures.

Create borders or hedges: Many of us have fenced back yards that are begging for a short hedge of color in front of them. Taller growing David Austin roses could be used as a beautiful and fragrant privacy hedge.  Imagine how inviting a walkway or path would be lined with shorter-growing Drift roses that bloom all spring, summer and early fall.

Utilizing containers for versatility:  Have a deck or porch begging for color? There are tons of small to medium size roses that flourish in containers. 

A Rose Garden: A dedicated rose garden may not be for everyone, but if you have the inclination what better spot to enjoy and afternoon with your friends, not to mention become the envy of your gardening friends.

Things to consider before adding roses to your landscape

Cultural conditions: Roses require a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight in the spring and summer to flower.   Blooming often, roses are heavy feeders so be sure to plant in a nutrient rich soil that drains well. We can discuss with you ways to amend your soil and feed your roses.

Choose the right variety:  Some roses are easier to grow than others, so educate yourself on the pros and cons of different types of roses. In addition keep in mind your allotted space and choose varieties that grow more to the size you need. Colors and combinations can create an emotional appeal

Maintenance:  Know ahead of time what your roses will require in regards to watering, fertilizing, and preventive care. We can discuss this with you, and you can also download our Roses 101 on our website.

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