There’s nothing simpler, tastier, or more impressive to your guests than grilling up sides straight from the veggie garden. You can grow anything from tomatoes to cucumbers, or even herbs for summer cocktails! Dish up something delicious with these plants for a homegrown barbecue.

What to Plant for a Homegrown Barbecue

  1. Grow a veggie medley. What treats are growing in your summer veggie garden? If your barbecue has anything to say about it, a vegetable medley should include tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, shallots, squash, carrots, and anything else that makes your mouth water. Did you plant avocados in the summer garden? Slice one up to garnish a savory grilled veggie medley.
  2. grilled pineappleLet natural sweetness steal the show. Strawberries, blueberries, and other summer berries go perfectly with ice cream for dessert. Want to take your summer barbecue to the next level? Pick watermelon, peaches, apples, or strawberries from the summer garden, and plop them on the grill to create a caramelized sweetness that will get everyone talking.
  3. Add a pop of color. Not every plant you grow has to go on the grill. Pick an array of summer flowers to decorate the table for your barbecue. It’s the details that matter most!
  4. Garnish drinks from the herb garden. Before you serve up those cocktails, pick ginger, mint, or tomatoes (for Bloody Marys at a mid-morning cookout) from the garden. Fresh limes are a great garnish for anyone drinking beer. Homegrown fruit and herbs give your drinks a fresh twist, and your ingenuity will be the talk of the neighborhood!

For more tips on planting edible gardens for summer, visit Autumn Hill Nursery.

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