Despite the protests of your spouse and kids, you loaded up the car on Black Friday, picked out a fragrant Fraser Fir and a bounty of holiday greenery, and decked the halls of your home. But there are two weeks left before Christmas, and now your bright, bushy wreaths and holiday swag look a little duller each day. Have no fear! Autumn Hill Nursery has tips for keeping your holiday greenery fresh all season.

Keeping Christmas Trees Fresh

Alright, this is the big one. The cornerstone of your Christmas decorations. If your tree starts to droop and drop needles, no amount of jolly wreaths will perk up the living room. Follow these tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh until New Year’s and beyond.

  • Check the base. If sap has hardened over the bottom, cut off the last inch of the trunk. This will allow for better absorption of water.
  • Keep it hydrated. The faster you get your tree in water, the better. Cut trees typically absorb about a quart of water per day, so don’t forget to top off your tree stand every day.
  • Give it a good home. Placing your Christmas tree near vents, windows, heaters, or fireplaces will speed the drying process, meaning you’ll have more dropped needles and a droopier fir tree on Christmas morning.

Garlands and Wreaths

living christmas garland and candlesDon’t forget to take care of living wreaths and cut greenery during the holidays. Choose your Christmas swag wisely. Cedar, fir, and pine boughs last longer than other evergreens. If you’re decorating for a holiday party, arrange your greenery right before the event. If it’s just for family decorations, you may need to replace holiday swag before Christmas. Don’t forget to spritz living wreaths and garlands with water every day to keep greenery fresh and vibrant.

Does your holiday display need a helping hand? Autumn Hill Nursery has a full selection of living wreaths and great deals on Fraser Fir Christmas trees in Woodstock. Visit our garden center today.

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