You excelled at Autumn Hill Nursery’s living wreath decorating workshop. You’ve snipped and pruned evergreens until you have enough fir branches to decorate ten houses. You’ve invested in gorgeous live Christmas decor from our gift and garden center. Now what?

Hanging holiday displays don’t mean you can wash your hands of them. Keep cut evergreens fresh until Christmas Day with these tips from Autumn Hill Nursery.

Keep Cut Evergreens Fresh until Christmas

  1. mailbox swagChoose the right plant. The key to keeping evergreens fresh is knowing your materials. Holly leaves, for example, can discolor if exposed to harsh temperatures. Evergreen trees and shrubs are typically sturdy enough to form into wreaths, garlands, and other holiday decor without worrying about premature browning. If you need help choosing the right evergreen decorations, ask the experts at Autumn Hill Nursery.
  2. Prune smart. Prune healthy branches from an evergreen tree. You can pull double duty by removing branches that will help shape the tree. If possible, cut from a tree that has just entered dormancy. Place the cut stem in water immediately to keep your holiday evergreens fresh.
  3. Decorate. When you hang, drape, and decorate living evergreens, more goes into the process than simply finding the most beautiful arrangement. To keep cut greens fresher longer, place them out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources like vents, candles, and fireplaces.
  4. Keep it hydrated. Just like Christmas trees and holiday flowers, cut greens need water to stay fresh. Mist evergreen decor with water every two days to keep them healthy.

Did you find a hole in your decoration defenses? Find the ideal holiday decor at Autumn Hill Nursery.

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