Tips for first time Spring Bulb gardeners

Do you admire the beautiful daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs that sprout up early spring and wish you had planted some of your own? Daffodils, hyacinths, English blue bells and crocuses all easy-to-grow spring flowers that multiply year after year giving you...

Choosing the Right Trees for Privacy and Number of Trees Needed

Choosing the right plants for a privacy screen With lot sizes shrinking and urban sprawl increasing many of us find ourselves longing for privacy and escape from noise.  Evergreen shrubs and trees can provide both.  Forethought and planning is essential for...

Bird Feeding Basics

Bird-Feeding Basics  There is something about watching birds feed that is relaxing. While I cannot explain it, I can appreciate the feeling of content.   Maybe it is watching their graceful movements, or maybe it is knowing you are enjoying the day...

How to Prepare, Design, and Plant an Annual Flower Bed

Gardening can be intimidating, especially if we did not grow up with it. We watch our neighbors bring plants home, and spend Saturday planting a tree, digging out shrubs, adding new shrubs, and finish up planting trays of flowers. We watch with amazement wondering...
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