This is a fraction of the nearly 100 responses we received. Enjoy.

You might be a gardener if…

After working in the yard all day you blow dirt out of your nose. Belinda H

You get excited that your spouse hangs out with a hoe!  Beth H

think you know what the heck you are doing then you don’t.  Beth O

You see cow poop and wonder how you can get it home. D. Jones

you forgo medical attention to finish the weeding because tomorrow it’s going to rain.
True story…Was out weeding my back hill and lost the fight with my tea olive.
Went to urgent care and they sent me to the ER.  Slight damage to my cornea.   Donna L

your amazon wish list is full of things for the garden, but you don’t buy any of it because you’re waiting to find better quality options at your local nurseries.   Jullian J

You don’t mind winding up garden hoses.  Dee P

all your shoes are for working out in the garden!   Dianna A.

by working in the yard  you notice you are  able to bend over and touch your toes without any effort at all .   Phyllis W.

 you post more pictures of your plants than your kids. Denise R.

You might be a gardener if you have Autumn Hill on speed dial. l Michael E

if you take your seedlings on vacation with you! Linda B. ( Linda, you might seek therapy for this. haha -Eric )

you have several pairs of gardening gloves and they all have holes  Patti R.

There’s a pair of work boots, a spade, and some muck boots in the trunk for those spontaneous purchases or dig.  Rebecca B.

you have tan lines that make you look like you have Mickey Mouse hands! ( He wears white gloves constantly) Kimberly D.

when looking to buy a new vehicle, you consider how many plants and how much mulch it will transport. Karen G.

Your tan line goes from your butt crack to mid back…wherever your shirt rides up to when you are on your knees in the garden  Mike P.

you pull a few weeds in the flower bed outside your corporate office as you are walking in! Kathy H

stabbing yourself with an epi-pen, or possibly dying from a red ant bite or bee sting is worth the gorgeous display of dahlias & roses you’ll get.  Bidgette P

You run outside in your slippers and pj’s to scare two big rabbits from your newly planted raised bed.  Julie B.

you’re painting your fingernails with brown polish because they’re staying that color anyway til winter  Meg. H

you buy more plants and stuff from Autumn Hill than your trunk will hold and instead of buying groceries you use your budget to buy plants  Sandy S.

If you are patience enough and give them loving care. Judy C.

You ignore the actors in an outdoor movie scene and look to see what is growing in the background.  Marie B.

You’d rather plant then have sex.  Gary J.  (Hope your spouse isn’t reading this)

You have more pair of gloves than you have earrings.  Melissa Z.

your neighbors know your “rump view” better than your face!  Dianne S.

when the seed catalogs arrive in the mail, you are instantly  transported back to childhood and the toy catalogs that arrived before  Christmas.   Kimberly B.

You wake up every morning and look outside at your garden to see what has sprung.  Mary S.

your landscape is dotted with milk jugs of water for conveniently watering newly planted plants  Dinah J.

moss grows in your hair!  Donna M.

Your husband has to make his own dinner.  Sharon S.

you worry more about kneeling down after Knee replacement surgery then anything else  Toni P

You can’t bear to see your flowers die in winter, so you buy special lightening and heaters, making a green house in your garage (next to my car) and talking to the flowers all winter…then bringing them out in spring and going out there before work every morning to water them…and you can’t stop buying and planting more. This would be my 61 year old husband. We’re gonna need a bigger garage next winter.  Lauren M.

there’s pruning shears, a watering bucket and seed starter trays sitting on the kitchen cabinet, instead of wine glasses and hors d’ oeuvre trays.  Dan D.

You can’t wait to get out into the garden, enjoy your garden more than most people, have moved the same plant three times, and drive hours to find that special plant.  Caryoln G.

you find a snake in your car from your Pinestraw bails. Luckily he didn’t come out while anyone was driving.   Dianne E.



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