It’s December and the cold temperatures are about to set in. Our fish will need just as much help as you will to stay happy during the cold winter. To make sure that no one gets frost bite this winter, Autumn Hill Nursery has pulled together some tips for winterizing your Canton, GA ponds and water features.

1. Keep Leaves Out

Throughout the fall as the leaves start to change and drop, regularly dip out as many of them as you can so they don’t turn into a nasty sludge in your pond. An alternative to regular leaf cleanings would be to stretch a lightweight but strong net over the surface of your pond. This will not only keep leaves out but it will also keep predators from snacking on your fish.

2. Limit Feedings

As the weather gets colder, cut your fish back to one or two time a week feedings with wheat based food – which is easier to digest. When the temperatures drop into the 40s, stop your feedings completely.

3. Leave a Hole

Make sure that there is always a space in the top of your pond that is not frozen over. This allows the gas given off by decaying organic matter a place to escape. Rather than beating on the ice to make a hole – which can stun or even kill your fish – use warm water to break through.

4. Turn Off the Pump

Cold water naturally holds more oxygen than warm water. Take advantage of this fact and turn off your water pump and your fish should be just fine without it.

Do you have other tips that you use to prepare your ponds and waterfeatures for winter? Leave them in the comments below!

If you are ready to install your first pond or if you have more questions, we’d love to see you at our Woodstock, GA nursery!

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