What says Autumn better than a garden full of mums? Short for chrysanthemums, mums come in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes that can coordinate with any color scheme. Autumn Hill Nursery is just receiving our first truckload of mums for your garden so we wanted to offer you some planting tips to keep them healthy and blossoming in your garden.

First Step: Where to Plant

Deciding where to plant is as important to your plant’s health as consistent watering. Mums do best planted in full sun in well drained soil. Do not plant them in an area that is going to hold moisture for long periods of time.

Choosing Your Variety

The two basic options for mums are “florist” or “hardy”. If you would like to cut your mums and bring their beauty inside throughout the season, go with florist mums. If you are looking for a more long-term bloom in your garden to bring you color all season long, choose hardy mums. Both will do well in containers and look great when potted next to your front door or leading up your steps. And while mums come in a wide variety of colors, our advice is to keep color variety to a minimum for the most impact.

Mum Care

While some people may have success with their mums as a perennial, most mum varieties will not make it through the cold winters here in Canton, GA so you should expect to replant them every year. When choosing your mums from the nursery, select plants that are just about to break bud. This way, you will maximize their bloom time in your garden.

Autumn Hill Nursery would love to help you welcome Autumn to your home. Bring us a photo of your front porch area and we will help you design a great look  with containers of mums and a beautiful wreath to help you welcome your guests into your home!

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