We are lucky here in Woodstock, Georgia when it comes to the weather. We have Summers that are not always unbearably hot, beautiful mild Spring and Fall weather, and a Winter that has the potential to freeze your socks off, but is usually comfortable as well for the few short months that we can actually call “Winter” here in our Southland. Because of our year round mild temperatures that never really make it to any extremes, you can enjoy your Canton, Georgia landscapes 365 days a year if you plan accordingly. To make your patios suitable for Fall or Winter weather and enjoyment, Autumn Hill Nursery has two ways you can add some warmth to your patio to keep your toes cozy this Fall and Winter.

Backyard Fire PitCreate a Fire Pit

Nothing says Fall like roasting marshmallows bundled up in a blanket by a bonfire. Creating your own DIY fire pit is simple, and will give you a reason to get out into your landscape, even when the temperatures start to drop. Just gather some rocks to circle your fire pit and contain the hot embers. Make sure you place the fire pit in an area that is open – not directly under a low hanging tree branch or close to a bush – so you won’t in inadvertently catch something on fire.

Install a Fire Table

There are some really unique fire tables that you can situate anywhere that you have a seating area. They are virtually plug and play – many only require a tank of propane to get the flame burning. This option will bring the warmth right onto your patio and removes the mess and hassle of splitting and lugging firewood.

Don’t let chilly weather keep you indoors. Your landscapes are created to be enjoyed year round so add some warmth to your patio or deck, and get outside with a warm cup of cocoa and a marshmallow on a stick!

Img via Flickr. 

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