There’s a new trend in gardening, and it’s taking plants to new heights. Vertical gardens aren’t just for eco-friendly offices anymore. Make this landscaping trend your own with these 3 steps to a flourishing vertical garden.

How to Grow a Vertical Garden

  1. hanging vegetable gardenPick your planter. Creativity’s the limit for this green trend. Grow an easy vertical garden by purchasing a tower garden growing system at Autumn Hill Nursery. Prefer something a little more artsy? Stacked containers, hanging baskets, and pocket gardens are just a taste of the creative container gardening options available to local gardeners.
  2. Out or in? Autumn is a great time to plan indoor container gardens, but vertical gardens thrive outdoors as well. Determine which spaces in your home and garden need brightening. Then build your vertical garden trellis on a free wall in the kitchen, against the garden shed, or in the sunroom.
  3. Pick and plant. Vertical gardening may look challenging at first glance, but gardeners’ options are nearly limitless. Plant herbs, succulents, vegetables, trailing plants, native perennials, or ferns in your vertical garden. Herbaceous plants will give you a better outcome than woody plants, which are too rigid to create an airy aesthetic. Choose plants with similar sun, soil, and watering needs. For flat panel vertical gardens, grow plants horizontally until the roots have established. Flip them vertically when you’re sure gravity will work for you instead of against you.

Ready for a fresh take on indoor gardening? Visit Autumn Hill Nursery for everything you need to create a vertical garden this fall.

Vertical Garden Image from Flickr

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