Tips for Growing David Austin Roses in Georgia

Known for their elegant beauty, unique colors, and  fragrant blooms, David Austin English Roses have captured the hearts of gardeners for over 60 years.

While David Austin roses flourish in Georgia, like most roses, growing them here takes forethought and attention.  David Austin roses generally bloom throughout the spring, summer and early fall given the proper nutrients and adequate water.

Here are some tips for growing David Austin Roses in Georgia. keep in mind this is based on our experience planting roses in Woodstock GA.

  • Choose a location that allows for at least 6-7 hours of direct sun during the spring and summer.
  • Prepare your soil. Ideally we want a soil that is rich in nutrients and will hold moisture long enough for plants to attain their needs without the roots staying wet for extended periods of time. The sandy soil in south Georgia drains too quickly, while the heavy clay of north Georgia often takes too long to dry out. There is not one correct way to amend every soil but in general expect to add equal parts tops soil and compost with your existing soil.
  • Begin a consistent fertilizing program in early March and continue through September. We fertilize our roses with granular Mills Magic Rose Mix every six weeks with an application of Mills Magic Liquid Feed at week two and week four between the granular applications.
  • Water often and with care. In our climate roses require approximately 10 gallons of water per week. To help develop strong, deep reaching roots, apply 3-4 gallons of water three times a week rather than smaller amounts daily. To help avoid fungal issues try to keep water off the foliage. Drip irrigation or soaker hoses are two means to easily water without excessively wetting the leaves.
  • Start a fungicide regiment in early April to help preempt fungal issues. While there are many products on the market, here is what works for us.

Anti-Fungal Spray:
1 Gallon Pump Spray Applicator
1 gallon of Water
Add 1/3 teaspoon Propiconazole.
Add 1 tablespoon Mancozeb and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.
Mix again before spraying.
Apply every 7 to 10 days.

Here are our recommendations for David Austin Roses in Georgia.  Again our experience growing and caring for the David Austin roses is in metro Atlanta.

Containers Nye Bevan, Silas Marner, The Poet’s Wife, Windermere

Climbers for walls, posts and arbors Bathsheba,  Claire Austin,  Princess Ann, Teasing Georgia, The Pilgrim, Wollerton Old Hall

Fragrance  Bathsheba,  Claire Austin, Emily Bronte, Gabriel Oak, Harlow Carr, The Poet’s Wife, Wollerton Old Hall

Mixed Border and Long Blooming  Boscobel, Darcy Bussell, Desdemona, Gentle Hermione, Olivia, Rose Austin,  Golden Celebration,  Harlow Carr,  The Lady Gardener

Each spring we stock approximately 30 varieties of roses. In early November we list our upcoming season’s roses on our website. From November through March you can preorder your David Austin roses as many varieties sell out quickly. If you need advice or have questions concerning David Austin roses please contact us.

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