There’s nothing we love more than gathering our friends and neighbors to talk about gardening . . . except maybe throwing a Woodstock garden party with a very special guest. Want to learn more? Get ready for Autumn Hill Nursery Spring Fest 2017!

Pollinators at 9am

Pollinators: the unseen heroes of the garden. Which pollinators are most common in Georgia and how can you help them do their jobs? Don’t miss our free chat on pollinators in the garden.

Attracting Birds to Your Yard at 10am

Not all spring color comes from flowers. Summer birds add vibrancy, melodies, and bright bursts of color flitting around the lawn. Learn why we love Blue Ridge Bird Seed for attracting birds.

Organic Gardening with Walter Reeves at 11am

We have a celebrity in our midst! Georgia gardener Walter Reeves is visiting Autumn Hill Nursery to sign his book and talk organic gardening with neighbors in Woodstock.

Organic Fertilizers at 1pm

Our favorite organic fertilizers this spring: Mills Magic Rose Mix and Go Green Organics.

Falconry at 2pm

Bring the kids to this exciting display put on by the Chattahoochee Nature Center.

Bring on the Butterflies! at 2pm

We’re learning about the lifecycles and habitat of these beauties, including tips on how to attract butterflies to your garden (whether you have a butterfly bush or not).

Spring into All Day Fun

garden for lifeNot sure when you’ll arrive? We have fun activities all day. Take a gander at our rose houses and the other flowers growing throughout our nursery during one of our Walkabout tours. Do fun springtime crafts with the kids all day long. Learn how (and why) to use our favorite unique plants. And don’t forget to thank the Grateful Deadheaders Gardening Club for providing the free grub!

We’ll see you Sunday, March 25th at Autumn Hill Nursery. We’ll be digging into local landscaping fun from 9am-4pm for Spring Fest 2017.

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