Want to give your porch, patio, or Canton, GA garage a little pizzaz? Hang up an overflowing basket, find a huge, eye catching planter, choose something unique to fill with your favorite blooms. To make your container gardening a success, Autumn Hill Nursery brings you the time tested and proven winner recipe for the perfect container garden: Thriller, Filler, and Spiller.


As you can easily guess, the thriller you choose for your container should be big, bold, and beautiful. For these plants, keep your eye open for selections that are tall, have unique or brightly colored foliage or blooms, and will last all season long. When you get ready to plant your pot, position the thriller either in the center where it can be viewed from all sides or in the back or corner of a pot that will be against a wall. The rest of your container will be built around the thriller plant, so think of it as the backbone and structure of the rest of your plantings.


Your selection of fillers is where you will add mass and volume to your planter. Choose fillers that add textural contrast to your thriller – for example, if your thriller is spiky leaved, choose a filler that is round leaved. You can choose whether to go with color contrast as well, or just echo the color of the thriller with a bloom or foliage on the filler that is a similar, maybe slightly toned down hue. Your fillers should intertwine with the thriller plant to keep the container cohesive, and cover up any ugly stems or roots on the thriller plant as well.


Spillers should be chosen to spill their tendrils over the edge of the pot to soften its edges and link it to the ground. They should echo the same color or texture theme that has been established with the selection of the thriller and filler plants. Leave just enough room in your pot to wedge in the final selection of spiller plants. This means that your container will be absolutely brimming with beautiful flowers and foliage.

Autumn Hill Nursery and Garden Center in Woodstock, GA would love to help you select just the right plants for your container. Either bring us your container, or a picture and dimensions and we will create a beautiful, eye catching container for your yard.

Img from Flickr.

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