Giving flowers is a gift with a clear message: “I was thinking of you.” But did you know that flowers have a language all their own? Throughout history, different flowers have meant different things in different cultures. Roses in particular have developed a lot of symbolism.

  • wedgewood roseRed roses are most popular at Valentine’s Day, and with good reason–red symbolizes romantic love, desire, and passion. To avoid confusion, you probably only want to give red roses to your true love! In China red is a symbol of happiness and good luck, and worn at weddings the way many American brides wear white.
  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy, which is why they are also used for “get well” bouquets. Yellow roses are great for children, friends, and family, as well as for sympathy.
  • Pink roses are a little more complicated. Dark pink roses are traditionally a symbol of gratitude. Light pink roses symbolize admiration and sweetness. Either way, the phrase “rose-colored glasses” feels very fitting.
  • White roses are much like white wedding dresses, in that they have come to symbolize purity over the last few hundred years. Before that, they actually symbolized true love, as red roses do now. Nowadays white roses are often used in bridal bouquets, and because they also represent remembrance, they can be used in funeral arrangements as well. 

Of course, these are only the most popular colors. Orange, purple, green, cream, and even multi-colored roses also exist! You can even find artificially colored black or blue roses (true black or blue doesn’t naturally occur in roses). Remember, the best rose to give to a person is whatever rose is their favorite.

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