snowman christmas displayLooking for festive decor to make your home merry and bright? At Autumn Hill Nursery, we have more than stately Fraser fir value trees and cute holiday garden signs. We have a world of DIY Christmas decor right at our fingertips! If Cartoon Christmas put you in the mood for a holly, jolly holiday, the Christmas spirit is easy to grasp. Deck the halls with these homemade Christmas ornaments and festive decorating ideas.

A Gardener’s Guide to Christmas Decorations

  • Holiday Workshops. Our calendar is full to bursting with festive fun for the Christmas holidays. Don’t miss our Ho, Ho, Ho Miniature Garden workshop, our Decorate for Christmas Like a Pro class, and our many holiday wreath decorating classes.
  • Fresh scents for the holiday home. Want to spice up the house? Try a fun family craft like a Citrus Peel Rose display to add sweetness to the air and lightness to the table.
  • Bake, bake, bake. Nothing says “Christmas” like freshly baked cookies. Make a fresh batch for a holiday cookie exchange, pack a few for easy coworker Christmas gifts, and string some leftover gingerbread cookies to create a traditional holiday ornament.
  • Bring the outdoors in. After all, it’s the holidays! Decorate the table with fresh garlands and twinkle lights, or create a cute and easy craft by placing a pillar candle in an elegant dish and filling the extra space with pinecones, evergreen cuttings, and fresh winter flowers.
  • Get creative. After all, holiday decor is the perfect excuse to show off your unique style! Create Santa’s sleigh out of an old wheelbarrow, give Christmas a class in country chic by putting a poinsettia in an old watering tin, and make an unexpected holiday display by hanging ornaments from the tines of an old metal rake.

There’s no limit to the festive fun to be had this year. To learn more about holiday decorations from the garden, visit Autumn Hill Nursery in Hickory Flat.

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